Transitioning clients into the future

of digital publishing


GMG’s digital publishing services transition printers and publishers into the future. Our goal is to get your content seamlessly and artfully onto your customers’ preferred web, tablet, and mobile devices.

We start from the ground up: evaluating strategy, production and editorial workflows, and the tools and technology being utilized. From here we help design, program, and purchase the infrastructure, coordinate hardware and software supply, and build the solution. Often this is followed by complete implementation across the client’s organization, including the training of employees. 

A publisher came to GMG Consulting Group looking to migrate their daily and weekly publications to a web based publish-on-demand strategy. GMG overhauled their infrastructure, to allow global editorial workflows to directly publish to a web and mobile responsive site. GMG also designed, built, and implemented a content management solution (CMS) to drive content to multiple output channels (Web, Mobile, Email, Social). The result gave subscribers a superior user experience, reduced costs, increased subscription renewals and advertising revenues, while bolstering the overall traffic and online presence to the company's website.